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Always FAST - Always FRESH - Always FAMOUS

Reviews on YELP!


Love this Place. Great Family! Great Family Owned Business. Super Inexpensive, Fresh, Fast, and no frill dining room. Perfect place to "hide away" at lunch. The folks that work at Famous are great and the dining area is very "dive" like, adding to the endless charm and great service in this little Greek deli. Please don't expect 5 star food, obviously it's a lunch shack!

Review from Eddie C. - West Roxbury, MA


Awesome food. They are accommodating to special orders and just make some really great food - family owned and delicious!!

Review from Casey A. from - Burlington, MA



I don't know what that guy is talking about as take-out only, there is a whole additional dining room attached that is nice and quiet.  This place is great, I like their Greek style pizza better than the Italian places in the neighborhood.  They do get really busy during lunch but everyone there is friendly and they've always gotten my order correct. I work right around corner and go here all the time, subs, pizzas, everything is good and prices aren't bad.  Definitely my favorite lunch spot in the area.

Review from Hartley W. - Boston, MA

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